I am a masters student at the Paris School of Economics. Last year I worked as research assistant at the EU Tax Observatory. I have also been working as research assistant at Nova SBE, where I got my BSc (2020) and MSc (2022) in Economics. Check my CV here.

Interests: Labor economics, Political economy, Public economics, Inequality


The minimum wage and the wage distribution in Portugal (2023). Labour Economics.

Income and wage inequality in democratic Portugal (2023).

Mapping the global geography of shell companies (with G. Aliprandi and T. Busschots, 2023).

A Modern Excess Profit Tax (with M. François, B. Planterose & G. Zucman, 2022).

Book chapters

Inequality in Portugal: 1986-2020 (with P. Portugal, P. Raposo & H. Reis, 2023).

in Deaton Review Country Studies. IFS.

O salário mínimo e a distribuição salarial em Portugal (2023).

in As melhores teses de Economia. FFMS.